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An incomparable pleasure for an elite audience that only you will be able to understand!

Welcome to Via Toledo, where our culinary art combines creativity, research and technique without ever renouncing traditional flavours, to enhance the authentic feel of our dishes and satisfy the most refined tastes.

Our vocation is rooted on the food, on its sharing and on the careful processing of the product through which it is expressed: Signature Pizza, Refined Dining and Precious Beverages.

Pizza, understood as continuous research, both in the dough and in the filling, no longer just a simple garnish but a true artistic combination of excellent raw materials, wisely combined and in perfect symbiosis with the exclusive lightness of the dough. A new dimension imbued with passion, culture and madness, where Pizza is harmony, quality and art.

Main Courses in perfect Italian style but loyal to our revolutionary vision, dishes that follow the rhythms of the earth and the ocean.

Finally, the beverage, no longer simply side drinks but a selection of the finest beverages in gastronomic affinity with each dish, from the refined mixing of signature cocktails to the wines that are the expression of great contemporary Italian and international vineyards.

Our promise is an unparalleled culinary experience.

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